Torraccia di Chiusi is the soul place, designed for and dedicated to those who are looking for a solitary place where to find body and mind wellness; thanks to deep silence, intense colors, unforgettable scents.

Dive in our blissful panoramic pool and you will enjoy the extraordinary view on the Tuscan countryside and the San Gimignano towers.

Here you can really find a complete wellness for your mind and your body, thanks to the peace and beauty all around you.

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You can enjoy the Tuscan “good living” with a glass of our organic wine or a full wine-tasting, even along with our special culinary proposals, that blend together temperance and complexity based on an innovative tradition.

You can relax and warm up your heart with a tea, coffee or infuse at the “Caffetteria del cedro”, on its comfortable sofas looking at the garden from its enchanting glass wall.


Here you can discover the secrets of the organic “0 Km” cosmesis, formulated by Vicus Tuscus with precious extracts and fresh herbs, inspired by the recipes that the ancient Romans- who lived in this country –  inherited from the Etruscans.

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ACTIVITIES and LEISURE - Torraccia di Chiusi
ACTIVITIES and LEISURE - Torraccia di Chiusi
ACTIVITIES and LEISURE - Torraccia di Chiusi
ACTIVITIES and LEISURE - Torraccia di Chiusi

At Torraccia di Chiusi you can enjoy unforgettable hikings in the woods surrounding the property, along  magic trails discovering amazing corners of wild nature.

You let yourself be enchanted by the flight of  herons and butterflies; you will be caressed by the sounds of nature.

You can have a walk “into history” along the Via Francigena around the agriturismo. The Torraccia is actually at the intersection of the medieval paths; it was considered to have a strategic importance as sighting and control tower on the ancient Via Francigena described by Sigerico, Archbishop of Canterbury (AD 987).


The Torraccia is also in a central position from where you can reach the most beautiful art cities in Tuscany, such as:


San Gimignano 9 km – 20 min by car, 130 min walking on the ancient Via Francigena

Colle Val D’Elsa 14 km 20 min by car, 110 mn walking

Firenze 60 km – 50 min by car

Siena 40 km – 35 min by car, 6 hours walking

Volterra 33 km – 40 min by car, 6 hours walking

Certaldo 21 km – 30 min , 4 hours walking

Pienza 64 km – 120 min by car

Montepulciano 101 km 90 min by car

TOUR - Torraccia di Chiusi
TOUR - Torraccia di Chiusi
TOUR - Torraccia di Chiusi
TOUR - Torraccia di Chiusi



Ancient beauty secrets live again in San Gimignano!


The organic anti-aging “Vicus Tuscus” cosmetics – which you can find and try at Torraccia di Chiusi” – have been formulated through the most advanced technology by using fresh herbs and flowers extracts, from both wild plants and plants cultivated with organic and nutraceutical methods.


They have been created with 100% organic certified ingredients; they are entirely free from silicone, petrolatum and parabens and cruelty-free.


Vicus Tuscus formulas contain only natural preservatives.


The precious active anti-aging substances and the high concentration of herbs extracts, make the Vicus Tuscus cosmetics highly effective, fresh and with a great skin tolerance capability. The herbs from which the ingredients are extracted are picked and used fresh, according to the “0 Km” philosophy.

Vicus Tuscus, in synergy with Torraccia di Chiusi, retraces the ancient traditions of Tuscany and the valuable customs of the ancient people who used to live here.

The valley where the Torracia di Chiusi is and the Vicus Tuscus works is on the Via Francigena and it has been populated since the Etruscan age.

Here the archaeological evidence confirms that this was right the ancient land of Etruria, described by the ancient historians as the richest in vegetation and variety of officinal plants.


The cosmetic line “Vicus Tuscus” takes its name from the Etruscan district of ancient Rome, next to the Forum – today it’s Via San Teodoro al Velabro. During the Imperial Age, it has been the real “route of perfumers”, due to its Etruscan laboratories that would produce customized beauty lotions and perfumes for the rich Roman matrons.


Vicus Tuscus organic certifications are released by IMC (Istituto Mediterraneo di Certificazione), BIOAGRICERT e ICEA.


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